A Life Remembered… (Synopsis) – Cate Wilding’s new novel to be released on Amazon September 2018

This is the story of Clarisse, an elderly woman who lives at Oakwood Manor Residence, and Sarah, a college student sent to Oakwood to interview  Clarisse about her life story.  Little did either of them know how important their relationship would become.

Clarisse began her story at the time when she was a very young, passive, easily dominated woman, to becoming an independent, loving, elderly grandmother willing to sacrifice everything to protect her grandchildren and give them, and their mother, the life they deserved.

Clarisse had lived with abuse, intense enough to cause a huge shift, not only in her own internal strength and in her future, but in the lives of those around her.  She had been underestimated by the devil who called himself her husband, which was a big mistake!

Years later, it seemed as though history might repeat itself.  She knew she needed to protect her family which brought forward the strength and intensity she had felt before.  This time, she was no longer a passive woman, but a warrior ready to protect the innocent and the abused – she was ready to face the devil once again – and win!

A Life Remembered is a story Cate hopes will grip the reader and not let go until the final few words.  Full of compassion, tension and intensity, the story moves well and hits the emotional buttons we all have.  Some will relate to Clarisse’s life, some will be thankful they can’t, but all will agree you make your own destiny with strength, determination and a strong will to live without fear.